Are you searching for a stylist or a coach you can trust? Someone who totally "gets" you?


I'm that person.

My name is Keah. I help empower your relationship with your style, your mind and your body.


Designed in Vietnam, made in Australia, and living in Portugal, I've longed to be a part of people’s most defining moments in life.


Coupled with a great passion in personal development, and a strong belief that "Clothes Maketh the [Wo]man", I've got the answers to how to be beautiful, confident and unstoppable every single day.

What makes me special? I have a unique focus on:

❉ Human behaviour - why we wear what we wear and why we buy what we buy,

❉ Coaching - conversations that make a real difference, &

❉ You first - not Fashion first.



Self-Image Specialist

Certified Professional Stylist

Trained Leadership Coach

This focus is reflected in my blog where I write about wellness, self-care, self-esteem, transformation, how to live a life you love, and of course, style! (Read my blog, here)

In short - I don't just care about Fashion. I care about You.

At the core of my approach is your self-image.


Because I believe the clothes you wear is only one component of who you want to be in life. Not only will you look great, but you will light up from within.


Clients have reported being left empowered to embrace their aspirations; tackle their fears; take on new opportunities; find new love; pursue ambitious career and business goals; make public appearances, and even fall in love with themselves exactly as they are.


These are reasons why I get out of bed in the morning.

Ready to work with me?


And start showing up as your gorgeous self.