* No two personal styles are the same & everyone's style journey is different *​

Below examples of past clients are not indicative of how I might style the next superwoman.

Essi, Executive Chef



Essi already has a great sense of style. She's comfortable in her clothes and is confident with shopping. However, most of her outfits are black & white.


During our shopping session, Essi wanted to take her style to the next level and find new inspirations for a big career change from being an Executive Chef to an office role in Education.


We played with new colours and talked about how to accessorise.


By the end of the session, she'd fallen in love with a new side of herself and is determined to own more "red things".

I love seeing myself in the mirror in these amazing clothes! Keah taught me new points about my style that I found both surprising and impressive!

Tara, Photographer



As a self-confessed tomboy and "one of the guys", Tara came to see me because she was in a style rut.


We talked about being confident and making great impressions in her new corporate job, and aspirations to start her own business as a photographer soon.


We focused on items that would be easy to mix-and-match for the office & client meetings, and played with more creative outfits for other events.

I've been so uninspired about my body... I've always lived in my t-shirts and jeans. I told Keah I wanted to be seen as more feminine and I couldn't believe that I had so many options!

Madlyn, Copywriter



At 6 feet tall, I call Madlyn a statuesque goddess!


Madlyn wanted greater insights into her own personal style, including her own human behaviour in the way she dresses and how she sees herself.


Before seeing me, her wardrobe consisted of black, grey and white items because "it's safe".


What I love about Madlyn is her commitment to understanding herself and reaching her full potential.


We explored colours, body shape, different styles and self-perception. We had a blast!

I felt so much lighter after my session with Keah! I can't put into words how great my session with Keah was. It was surprising and completely unexpected.

Therese, Chiropractor & Businesswoman



Therese has always been a stylish person. Her wardrobe consists of random pieces of designer clothes and one-of-a-kind samples.


However, she only wore a small percentage of her wardrobe because she didn't feel comfortable in her clothes and really felt like something was missing.


Using what she's already got, we treated her wardrobe as our candy store and put together outfits that celebrate her wild, unique and stylish personality!


Not only did she give herself permission to "show up", her outfits now feel "complete" and are "her style".


We didn't even need to go shopping! #winning

I thought Keah would tell me you need to buy this, and this, and this, and that. But I ended up finding everything I need  right in my wardrobe! Before seeing Keah, I had so many clothes but none felt like 'complete outfits'. I just found 15 new outfits that I'm so proud and comfortable to go out in. I love my clothes again!

therese text.PNG

Laura, Interior Designer



Laura came to see me when she decided to pursue her passion for Interior Design.


She'd expressed that she felt lost when it came to personal style, and wanted something that she would feel more comfortable in.


We looked for items that show off her beautiful figure, and outfits that resonate with her creative side.


As a bonus, we even found something in her favourite colour - mustard.

I now wear clothes I would otherwise never reach for. This marks the beginning of my journey to embrace my inner goddess!

Erin, Operations Manager