How To Change Your Reality

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Everything you see, feel and believe is based on your self-image. Said another way, your worldview is shaped by how you perceive yourself and how the world fits around you.

There is a physical manifestation of who you are in the world - your face, your body, the things that can be seen. And there is another internal image of yourself that only you can see.

Unlike your external image - which is shaped by others, this internal image is shaped entirely by you. It includes your stories of who you are and your beliefs about why you are that person.

These stories and beliefs are often based on the past, which has nothing to do with who you are in the present or who you can become in the future. Holding onto this past-based image will only keep you trapped in the past, even when many years have gone by.

How to change your reality in 3 steps

1. Awareness

To change your reality, then, starts with the first step of being aware of how you see yourself. Then, take responsibility that you, and you alone, created this internal image based on stories you're telling yourself. From here, you can then choose to be intentional about how you are communicating to yourself and to others (ie: taking responsibility for who you are showing up as).

Think of it this way: who you are and who you want to become are two completely different people. They talk differently, dress differently, and show up differently. And the only thing that's between these two people is your story about who you think you really are.

2. Choose your story

When you get this, you have the power to change your story about who you'll now get to become. This is fundamental to changing your reality. Because anything you can change in your mind, you can change in your life.

3. Visualise

Another fundamental piece to changing your reality is visualisation. Think about what you really want in your future, and who you'll need to become to have that future.

Here's the crucial part - put your physical self in this picture.

Most people will only picture what they want, without themselves in the picture. This is detached and creates wishful thinking. What you want is to visualise yourself physically being in the picture having what you want. Allow yourself to experience the emotions that come with this future you. Bonus if you can see what you'd look like, who you're with or what you'd be wearing.

I'll say it again: You need to experience it as though it's happening. It's you. And it's real.

Here's a question for you: What would happen if you allow yourself to become who you really want to be?

Guess what? It starts with choosing a brand new you and showing up as "her" - wardrobe, mindset and all.

This is why my work as a Self-Image Specialist focuses on the bigger picture - who you are and who you want to become. Say yes to more confidence, power and self-expression in your life. If you're curious, book a call.

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