Therese, Keynote Speaker & Chiropractor


I feel like a Goddess thanks to Style Mind Body. 

Words cannot describe how empowered I feel within my body and clothing after my session with Keah. 

I have many, many clothing items, and I keep buying more because an outfit never felt "complete".


I wanted to concentrate on items for presenting as I'm doing more presenting/speaking work. When Keah looked at my whole wardrobe, she knew straight away what to do - Keah showed me how to put them all together so that I have complete looks - I now have over 15 complete outfits for my presentations that I feel comfortable and fabulous in. 


What I learnt was how to put an outfit together and this has been the most valuable because now I feel confident with putting item combinations together which previously wouldn't have crossed my mind.  I have a gold belt that I had only ever worn once to a wedding and I didn't know how to use it again. And I have a gold brooch which I never wore, but I love it so kept it. Keah showed me how to bring a few outfits together with this gold belt and the brooch. I wore one of these outfits to a speaking engagement and I had people commented "You look like a goddess!"


Keah didn't force me to do anything that I wasn't comfortable with and that I didn't like. Keah got me, she got who I am and what I needed. 


On completion, I had a brief with all my outfits and recommendations of shoe and bag outlets (which were the only things on my request list). This saved me time and energy significantly from my busy schedule. 


The process was beyond fun. Keah's approach is professional, relaxed, fun, authentic and none judgemental.


She goes with your style- not trying to make you into something you're not.  

Laura, Interior Designer


How do I begin to explain how amazing my whole styling experience was with Style Mind Body.


Everything from the communication leading up & how accommodating and flexible Keah was, to the consultation & wardrobe audit & how thorough, professional & at ease Keah was, and to the shopping experience as well & how playful & knowledgable Keah was. 

In the past, I've been stopped by clothing & shopping as I felt not much suited me. I stuck to what I knew worked, or what I thought worked, and was very much in my comfort zone. This left me with not many options in my wardrobe.

I've had big breakthroughs in the last couple years around self-confidence & really getting to express myself & have my voice heard. However I still felt my looks & visual appearance weren't a match for who I am. 

Keah helped me push through some of my fears, my comfort zone & really step into the goddess of a woman that I am. She gave me tips and tricks I can now take with me when I go shopping. She's had me see clothes, colours, styles that work for me & those that don't. Who would have thought I have nice shoulders, a rockin' hourglass figure & this waist!! 

The shopping experience, while I wish went longer, was so valuable because we used that time to experiment & play. This is something I hadn't done when shopping before. We mixed and matched and put outfits together that I normally would have walked straight past & not even thought about trying on. I now have a real sense of what worked and what didn't, and have now pushed past a lot of that fear around shopping. It has given me the confidence to go and experiment on my own. To try on clothes that I wouldn't normally try on. 

The whole experience was very rewarding and valuable and I highly recommend Style Mind Body to anyone looking for a stylist. You won't regret it. I now feel confident and can express myself visually like I've always wanted to, but didn't know how! Thank you Keah.

Erin, Operations Manager


When the opportunity came about to consult with Keah, I jumped at the opportunity.  I had put on weight and was unsure how to dress this new size 12-14 (Large) body when I had always dressed a size 10-12 (Small) body.  


I also had a career change and moved up from the corporate ladder, and was awkwardly stumbling through the fashion journey of activewear from my last role to my current position in corporate management.


Throughout the styling experience, Keah had me proud, excited and creative.  Before I knew it, I was moving away from the boring black and grey palette – to apricots and navy!  From my staples of jeans and t-shirts – to figure-hugging dresses and beautiful long skirts.


Since taking on the consultation, I feel so proud when I walk into work.  People are always complimenting me on how I look, and I have noticed that I am even being taken more seriously as a manager.  I had no idea fashion was such an integral part to a management position – and it is a worthwhile investment.  


I am so delighted I had the opportunity to work with Keah.  She has definitely made a difference to how I feel about myself, and through fashion has helped me love my look again.  I feel like myself again in my relationships and my career!


I cannot thank Keah enough for taking me on such an amazing and inspiring journey – I have never thought about fashion the way I do now.  I now get to be creative and beautiful – without being a size Small.


Thank you so much Keah.  I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone.  It is the only way to shop!

Laura, Administration Officer


I loved working with Keah. Over the 3 sessions that we spent together, I got to look at my clothes and lifestyle habits in such a way that I don’t normally get to sit down and do. The amount of clothing I had in my wardrobe that I actually could still wear was crazy!!!


I gained a totally different perspective of my body and its features and how to accentuate and cover up different parts.  More than anything, just having someone give me permission to step out of my comfort zone and try something new was the best part! I now go into shops willing to try on anything, and if after 15 pieces I get one piece I love then I have got a win! I’m also now clear that if I’m not in love then I won't wear it…. Best not to buy.


I now know that going shopping with someone who will be straight and honest with you is so very valuable and I try and be that for others now too. It's funny that I now find myself running around sharing what I learnt and applying it to other peoples outfits. I was in a dress shop the other day and I got caught up in a conversation of dressing a teenage girl with her mum, instead of focusing on my purchases!


I’m so freed up now to play with my looks and especially with my brightly coloured hair to try more than just black and white.


I have never been a person to be “on trend” actually I have normally gone against the grain when it comes to fashion. I now have an access to being able to dress for so many different occasions and still be my own version of self-expression.


The skills I developed over these three sessions are transferable to all sorts of fashion hunting and I will be forever grateful to Keah for her time and expertise.

Mariah, Counsellor

Virtual Styling Client

Personal audio message exerpt

Mariah's Message -

I found these pants and I f* love them. But of course, I wanna get your opinion on them... because I trust your opinion.


It's so exciting... knowing that I don't have to shop with the plain clothes [anymore] because they're the only clothes that fit me.


I'm just really excited... And it's fun!


[I used to think] the clothes I like won't fit me. Or they won't look good on me.

The more I try different things on, the more that disappears...


I'm just looking back to before we [did our virtual styling session] and the difference between the way that I was first looking at myself... to now...


YES! I'm getting somewhere.


Tara, Photographer


IThe styling experience with Keah was amazing. I approached it not really knowing what to expect and had such a positive outcome.


The initial consultation and email follow-up thoroughly prepared me for the actual styling event, however not for how I would feel about myself afterwards!


On the day, Keah made suggestions alongside my own as to items I should try on “just to experiment”, and some of these were things I would never normally have chosen for myself but they turned out to be the most flattering out of everything I tried on!


By the end of our session, I felt so positive and confident about myself and my body again – it really was just what I needed :-)


Keah’s objective isn’t to help you spend money on clothes; it’s to change the way we think about ourselves and help us dress in a way that focuses on the things we like, rather than try to hide the things we don’t.” 

Thanks for an awesome day! 

Madlyn, Copywriter


Working with Keah has been so incredibly rewarding, wonderful and eye-opening.


I learned so much from her, not only about fashion and what colors/style/etc agree best with me but also about self-love.


Working with Keah has been so much more than just a personal styling experience - It really has been a game-changer for me in terms of how I dress, why I dress the way I do, and how I see myself.


I have discovered that personal styling runs deeper than just clothes and accessories; it really is a way to express who you truly are.


Keah will help bring out the best you, and inspire you to keep shining, as you are and as you evolve into your brand new you.


I am forever grateful to her.


I will be recommending her to all my friends and family and I look forward to working together again in there future :)


Thank you!!!

When asked through an Anonymous Survey:


"What would you say to someone who is looking for a stylist and hasn't considered Style Mind Body before?"


Clients have said:


"You NEED Keah."


"Style Mind Body is professional all round. The consultation, wardrobe audit and shopping experience was amazing. She got to know me, she pushed me past my comfort zone, she gave me valuable tips and tricks that I can now use forever when i'm shopping, and the biggest thing - she made me feel comfortable. And I didn't get any sense of feeling judged, or looked at, or pushed to buy something. She helped me, guided me, pushed me out of my comfort zone and worked with me. It was such a great experience and I'd highly recommend Style Mind Body. for anyone looking for a stylist."


"That it is an empowering experience that turns your point of view of fashion on its head."


"If you want a stylist who will not only style you but also empower and arm you with the tools to create your own look then this is the company to go through."

"If you want a complete mindset and wardrobe reset, you have to work with Style Mind Body!"